David "Harpmaker" Lynch,


Dulcimer Specifications

Design Standards - All models  

Sweet Woods Instruments are designed and handcrafted for a warm, mellow sound. A 25-3/4 inch vibrating string length is used for all models that is ideal for youth through seniors.  All models include four, closed-geared tuners and conventional double melody course, middle drone, and bass drone strings. Nut and bridge are also notched to accommodate four, equidistant strings. Either ball end or loop end guitar strings may be used for string replacement. All models include the 6-1/2 and 13-1/2 frets.

Each instrument is carefully inspected for workmanship and proper intonation. String action is adjusted according to preference of customer. Other than the student model, woods are selected not only for great sound quality but also for the aesthetics of wood grain for a rich, luxurious appearance. The robust interior design provides strength and stability that ensures many years of performance.

Standard tuning is DAdd for Performance, Teardrop, Hour Glass, Hour Drop, and Student models. A'EA tuning is used for the baritone models. D'A'DD is used for the bass model. While strings are included, replacement strings are standard length guitar strings.

Please view the Order Form for choices of woods and options.

Performance Model

$ 695.00

The Performance Model was designed around the exacting requirements for stage and recording performance. Standard features for the Performance Model are ebony overlay fret board, chrome tuners with ebony knobs, 1-1/2 & 8-1/2 frets, deeper sound box, adjustable bridge, and built-in wrist rest. The Performance Model uses a 25-3/4 inch vibrating string length. The side wall depth is 2-5/8 inches. Standard tuning for the Performance Model is DAdd.

Teardrop Model

$ 319.00

The Tear Drop Model is a popular styled fretted dulcimer available in a wide assortment of woods and options. The side wall depth is 2 inches. As with all Sweet Woods Instruments, the vibrating string length is 25-3/4 inches. Standard tuning for the Teardrop Model is DAdd.

Hourglass Model

$ 349.00

Hourdrop Model

$ 369.00

Baritone Teardrop Model

$ 369.00

Baritone Hourglass Model

$ 389.00

Bass Model

$ 369.00

Student Model

$ 139.00