David "Harpmaker" Lynch,


Specialty Dulcimers & Other Folk Instruments

Travel Model


The Travel Model as shown in three views is designed to be packed for travel. The fret board is mounted on a thin sound board that can be withdrawn, flipped over, and slid back in place for traveling. Though open ended, the sound approaches that of the Sweet Woods standard dulcimers. It is rugged and light weight. In fact, this model has been used by armed force members in Iraq and also by members of the Peace Corps. A single-course melody string is used in lieu of the standard, double-course arrangement. The sacrifice of melody line volume is a small penalty to pay for compactness.



Dulcinator shown with the late Homer Ledford

The "Dulcinator" is a resophonic dulcimer that uses a full resonator much like used in Gibson's Dobro. It can be set up as a standard, fretted dulcimer or with raised nut and played with a slide bar. The "Dulcinator" is configured with four, equidistant strings tuned D-F#-A-d. It can also be tuned similar to a Dobro to D-G-B-d.




Banjimer shown with Joe Bonsall of the Oakridge Boys

The Banjimer model incorporates a goat skin hide with floating bridge to produce a banjo-like sound. The banjimer is configured in DAdd tuning with lighter strings than the standard dulcimer in order to maintain the banjo sound.